Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bad Travel Karma...

I normally am blessed with very good travel karma... I was calculating up the other day, after I 'lost' my car in the Airport Parking Lot, that I've been on nearly 800 flights in the last ten years.

Sunday night I not only wasn't on my scheduled flight, but I missed the entire teaching gig up in Northern Alberta on Monday morning. It was a carnival of errors, last minute changes, expensive tickets (actually the most expensive ticket I've ever purchased at over $3,300...) - so when I get to the Airport the Delta counter wouldn't/couldn't print out my boarding passes since the AirCanada flight from Edmonton to Ft. McMurray was oversold and so I was 'bumped'. I don't like the feeling.

I did, however, get a chance to be with family on Father's Day for dinner at Janet's house and spend time with everyone there.

So a quick little reschedule - change from 5 6-hour days, to 4 8-hour days and a flight on Monday... then another change to 3 10-hour days and a flight on Tuesday... then at 10:30pm Monday night another change to move the entire class out till September. This is the first time in over 15 years of teaching that I haven't been at the venue ready to start the first morning of class. It was a kind of ego buster... that is until Jill slapped me out of the funk.

Whew! - I booked and canceled over 6 different itineraries in less than a week.

So now I'm off to San Jose tomorrow to teach the 802.11 n Workshop - but this time for AirMagnet employees and to be recorded so they can have the workshop on DVD to sell to their customers. But I'll be back Friday night... so it's just a 'quick trip'


Karrissa said...

Oh gosh, that is a lot of bad traveling karma!

Gramps said...

Sorry about your travel karma. You might think of it as an aging thing. Love the photo's of your home, the first one with the mtns in the background. Way to go Jill and Brent. Thanks to you Keith for providing the funds.

Gram said...

Too bad about all the traveling karma not working with you. Hope San Jose is better for you. The house and yard look beautiful. I know they worked hard and many trips to get the flowers and plants Jill wanted, plus spreading all the dirt and bark. It looks great.