Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday - Garage Floor and BBQ Sauce

Today was the day to put down the new floor in the Garage. Our old 'paint job' was deteriorated way too much. To do another paint job would have required sand-blasting the old paint/oil/stains prior to putting new paint down. So instead, I got a hold of a vinyl floor covering specifically designed for Garage Floors. Stain and Oil resistant - as well as has grooves for the water/snow to slide down. I first made a pattern of the various stairs/walls/etc. so I could cut the vinyl to a pattern rather than try it myself. It was going to be a 'family project' - but I got up early and just 'got 'er dun'. It still needs to 'rest' for a couple of days before we make the final trim cuts and glue it to the floor.

It was also the day of the year for me to make my BBQ sauce. I learned of this secret recipe from a friend, Berke Horrocks in Bothell years ago... and try to put up a bunch of quarts every year.
This year I made a total of 22 Quarts - Whew! It took most of the afternoon and into the evening. Making the Sauce, simmering, cleaning all the glass jars, filling the jars, sealing, and then a 10-minute water bath to 'can' the BBQ sauce. I only 'lost' one jar in the process!
Here's a picture of the cooling jars while the last load was in the water bath.

Put your orders in now while I have 'a few' jars available!


Karrissa said...

The garage looks great, way to go Dad! Hey, any chance you have a few extra BBQ sauce jars to send our way?!?

nanajan said...

What a great and productive day!

Jill Parsons said...

Thanks for all your hard work this weekend while I was consumed caring for Emma.

Gram said...

Wow! you were busy Saturday. The garage floor looks great and I am sure Dad would love to do the same thing with his floor. Thanks, too, for the BBQ sauce. You did good work!!