Saturday, June 7, 2008

Books and Vacation

I think that one element of a good vacation is a chance to read, read, and more reading. It is very relaxing for me to sit by the beach or pool and just read.

This week was no exception.
Sunday and Monday's readings are in a previous blog.

Tuesday was the Nelson DeMille - Wild Fire - just 'ok' - but swears too much. Wednesday as James Patterson - Step on a Crack. About a New York Cop with 10 adopted children to add some human interest to a mystery suspense novel.
Thursday - I was on the water on six different boats... so no book

Friday - John Sanford - Invisible Prey. I like this guy's writing and characters... but as in James Patterson's books about cops... too much swearing. I'll be leaving these three at the 'book swap' in the hotel here.

Saturday - Today while we finish up in the hotel and on the flight home I'll be reading an Orson Scott Card novel from Ryan called 'Invasive Procedures'
Six books in one week... not bad relaxation!


Gramps said...

I'm certainly glad that you like to read and enjoy it so much. I wish I had the desire to read and enjoy it. Looking forward to having you home. Sounds like you really had a great vacation.

Gram said...

That is my idea of a vacation. All the time in the world to read. Your photos of the vacation looked great. I am sorry Jill and Alysha are sick and hope the rest of you don't get it.