Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jill's Hard Work in the Yard!

I'm glad to be married to a spouse who likes to do yard work!

I really enjoy our yard now... but I really never have enjoyed working on it... ok, sometimes I like making the lines in the grass perfect when mowing... but weeding, getting my hands dirty... yeck!

But Jill is very good at it... and over the last couple of days has done lots of work on the yard and house to get ready for folks to come over next month for our grand-daughter Kylie's Blessing.
She has added color and flower pots to the front porch and hanging plants as well. Pruned all the shrubs, trees, worked on the sprinklers, and loaded not only an entire trailer of topsoil to all the garden beds... but also an entire trailer of bark as well. I figured hundreds of wheelbarrow loads!Yea Jill! - and of course I have to thank Brent for all his work in helping his Mom as well. Thanks for a nice yard to come home to.


Karrissa said...

From Joe's landscaping expertise, he approves!! Yeah, it looks awesome! I love all the color in the front yard. Thanks for making such a beautiful home for us to come visit!

mlcarlsen said...

I am in awe of all you and Jill get done! Love reading your blog and staying somewhat caught up with what you and yours are doing. Deb and I miss seeing you all. Marsha

nanajan said...

Wow, it does look great! Jill and Brent worked hard. I love the picture of the road signs!

Gram said...

It really is spectacular Jill!!!