Saturday, June 21, 2008

Recording 802.11 n Workshop in San Jose

Thursday I took a flight over to San Jose - and spent the afternoon working with some folks at AirMagnet on a variety of projects.

But the 'real' reason for the visit was to re-do the 802.11 n Workshop (the one I was on the road teaching the last couple of weeks...) for an Audience of AirMagnet employees - and be recorded so AirMagnet could sell the class offline as well as the live sessions.It was a bit awkward in being recorded - because there was only the recording engineer and myself in the room during the recording. (The employees were called away on some project they were working on) I've been hesitating to do the recording... because it feels a bit awkward... and weird to hear your own voice in the headphones while you're speaking... But it's all over now and will be turned in to a large FLASH presentation - including live demonstrations on the new AirMagnet Laptop and Survey tools that have been upgraded with 802.11 n features.

Then home again tonight. Quick trip.


Gramps said...

Now you will be famous. I suppose it would be difficult teaching a class with no students. I'm sure you did a great job Keith.

Gram said...

For you teaching without a class to get comments from would be difficult. I am glad you had the opportunity to do that. Just think of all the experiences you have had in supporting your family (and friends, I might add).