Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Family Vacation in Puerto Vallarta - Part 2

Tuesday was our day to go to the Sea Life Water park, play on the slides, lazy river, etc. Then we got to watch a Sea Lion show, as well as a Dolphin show...
But the main event for the day was all of us getting to swim with the Dolphins. Of course we had the requisite Kiss the Dolphin, Shake the Dolphin's Pectoral Fins, and give them a rub down... but we also got to go Swimming with them.

We had 'Poseidon' - the 'Alpha' Dolphin of the group. And we all got to do a 'Belly Ride' - the Dolphin is upside down, and you hang on to the two pectoral fins and he swims you along very fast. As well as a 'Foot Push', where you lie on top of the water like superman, and the dolphin comes behind you and pushes on your foot and makes you 'fly' on top of the water.

It was great fun playing with the Dolphin, as well as great fun watching the reactions of the kids and Jill as they interacted with a Dolphin at very close range.

I couldn't get any photos; one, I was in the water at the time, and two, they didn't allow any photography so they could sell you expensive prints ($16 each!) - but we did spring for the Video of the entire event so we can watch it over and over. I'll get some clips off of it to put on the blog after I get back home to the bigger computers there.

I don't know if it was a 'life-changing' event - but it was very cool!
After retuning and playing in the hotel pool and then having dinner at the Oriental restaurant, we were entertained by a 'Cirque Du Soleil' troupe. Ok, they weren't a *real* troupe, but they tried very hard and I was impressed with some of their tricks. Especially good for a Mexican Hotel Entertainment night!

Tomorrow is 'Canopy' Day (the Zip live above the Jungle). I was supposed to be on an America's Cup boat race (two ex-Australian boats that do a race together for tourists) but it was canceled. Bummer.


Gram said...

Those were great pictures. I especially liked the one of Ryan coming down the tube. Swimming with the dolphins sounds like a fun thing to do. I am glad you were able to do that. Too bad, the boat race was canceled. I know you would have enjoyed the sailing. I am happy you are enjoying the vacation.

Karrissa said...

Now Ryan has a ridiculously happy picture in the blogging world just like Brent. Looks like fun!

Karrissa said...

Now Ryan has a ridiculously happy picture in the blogging world just like Brent. Looks like fun!

Ryan said...

Yes, but mine was more of a joke. Brent was completely serious in his. I was having fun though.