Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Family Vacation in Puerto Vallarta - Part 1

Sunday morning we drove up to SLC and flew down on Delta to Puerto Vallarta. The flight wasn't very full so we all got to spread out a bit. There was a van waiting to take us to the Vallarta Palace hotel. After a bit of changing things a bit... we ended up in two adjoining rooms.
We then went to the beach and pool for some water time - then late at night ate dinner at the Italian restaurant.

Monday we worked with the services desk folks to get our tours and such worked out - what a pain! Trying to 'upsell' you to condos, pre-paid vacations, time-shares, etc.

Then off to the beach for some time playing in the water, sea kayaks, and sand castles.
Then back to the pool, lunch, pool, water polo and more reading by the pool.Monday was 'Mexican Fiesta' night and the kids (and Jill) enjoyed the flea market, crafts, jewelry and the like. Brazilian for dinner then a Mexican Dance entertainment.

I think we all enjoy the 'all-inclusive' bit - no worrying about what to order, drink, eat, costs... just easy food and drink choices. It's like a cruise... but on land!
Here are some photos from our first day and a half on Family Vacation to Puerto Vallarta.
Of course... to make it a 'vacation' I had to get some reading in. Sunday's book was 'Wildtrack' and Monday's 'Crackdown' both from Bernard Cornwell.


Gramps said...

Looks like the boys and girls got some sun. Glad that you are having a great time. I'm sure Alysha was happy to have her friend with her. Nice photo's.

Karrissa said...

I didn't think you guys were actually going to have fun without me but it looks like you are-dang! Glad it is going to be a great vacation for you all! (P.S. I don't like being grown up sometimes!)

Karrissa said...

Hey- is that mom's hair in a ponytail?!? Wahoo!!

Gram said...

Wow! looks like a good time for all. I loved the cruise so I'm sure it is fun doin the vacation on land like a cruise. Sorry you had to listen to the upgrade spiel. The girls look like they are having as much fun as the boys.I am on the 2nd McCall book, Keith. I started Sunday night and finished last night and started the 2nd today. I love that series. I am happy you got reading time in.