Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Aruba - Partner Technical Training - Aurora, IL

Last week I spent four days in Aurora Illinois teaching a new class for Aruba Networks. No, not the little caribean island... but the Wireless LAN Vendor.

This was the Partner Technical Training class developed by my friend and partner in the WLSAT course Kimberly Graves. She did a pretty good job of making what could be a very difficult class simplified for the 'partner' class of folks who need this level of training.

For a 'Wireless' class - this conference room we wer
e forced to teach in sure has a lot of wires!
Nothing 'fun' happened - didn't have any travel stories - no great restaurants or things... but we did get some wild weather. Kind of a fast moving front that was a 'tornado breeding ground' kind of event. (see photo below) Ok, there was the 'Food Network' Star who was next to me in the O'Hara Airport Security Line...


Karrissa said...

If I were to use that picture of all of the men around the table for a blog post I would title it- "If this isn't a room full of nerds, I don't know what is!"

Jill Parsons said...

I cannot believe how many wires are in the center of the table. What a bunch of nerds, like Karrissa says. You didn't tell me about the food networks guy (forgot his name at the moment). That's cool! I like watching him

Gram said...

Karrissa hit the nail on the head with her blog post. That is an incredible amount of wires. I don't know how they knew where each went to.