Thursday, July 3, 2008

WLAN Design Class in Minneapolis

This week was teaching another Wireless LAN Design class - this time in Minnesota.
The facility was great!
Wonderful architecture, very helpful staff, on-site cafeteria, and a good group of students. It made for a nice easy three days of work teaching one of my favorite courses.

Then in the evening I started back playing the computer game Diablo II. Brent and I used to play the precusor to this game together years ago. He'd sit on my lap (yes, this was a LONG time ago) and we'd play together. Brent's job was to keep me alive by reloading my 'life points' when needed, and to hit certain keys during battles.
He got started again playing through the game series again last week... so I followed suit. Only took 4-5 hours each night of my life! (yes it is kind of addicting)


Karrissa said...

Daddy's a gammer!!

Karrissa said...

I meant gamer, you know, one who plays computer/nintendo games for hours a day.

Gramps said...

Truly enjoy your interesting posts and great pictures. Thanks for the correction on the Texas A&M remarks. It was very good reading and apparently been read my more people than if he had given it. Thanks for being our wonderful SON.

Gram said...

Wow! tht was quite the facility to teach in, lots better than some of the places you teach. Brent started out early loving the computer games, thanks to his Dad. I hope he gives it up before he leaves on the 12th. We love reading about what you are doing.