Thursday, July 17, 2008

Custom Wireless Class in Grand Rapids Michigan

This week was spent teaching a custom Wireless LAN course in Grand Rapids Michigan. I taught here about 18 months ago... and they wanted me back!

It is a class made to meet the needs of three local headquartered companies, Herman Miller, Alticore (Amway's Owner), and Meijer.
We've been teaching the class in the Meijer headquarters - and using their stores as a place to practice the Site Surveying techniques taught in class. They are large (200,000 square feet+) stores like an upscale Walmart - but only have 200 or so store in the midwest compared to nearly 4000 Walmart stores. Here's what they looked like preparing to do a live Site Survey.

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Gramps said...

Glad you are doing well with your teaching. I like the fancy laptop carts. Keep on keeping son.