Saturday, July 5, 2008

Faces of McKinley

Jill and I drove up to the Bountiful Temple this morning and traded cars, returning with McKinley and Kylie to babysit them today while Karrissa and Joe went through the Temple with Joe's brother Steve prior to his mission.

I had a terrible migrane... usually I can get them to go away in a half hour or so. I was 'knocked out' for over four hours - CPAP on, Eyemask on, Headphones on, drugs on, - trying to get a little relief. I don't like being sick! And have no tolerance for a slow recovery - I like things to get better faster.

But then later in the afternoon I had a chance to babysit McKinley while the other adults went shopping.

We played opening and closing the back door... dipping her feet in the hot tub... playing with soap bubbles... then she saw the trampoline in the back yard.

She was so cute learning to bounce, recover, and try again that I just had to get some photos.

Here are the results - one cute kid!


nanajan said...

Great photos! Isn't it fun being a grandparent?!

Gram said...

Those were great photos Keith! She is surely a cutie and I wish I could make friends with her. I liked your playtime - opening and closing the door. She had fun with you and that is what counts. Sorry you had a migraine.

Keith Parsons said...

Thanks Dad! She is so funny!