Tuesday, July 15, 2008

iPhone 3G - Sweet!

Ok, I really like Apple - not quite this much... I was teaching in Chicago on Friday July 11th when the iPhone 3Gs started on sale. The local AT&T store sold out and so my thought of having Ryan pick me up one was dashed... but he ended up talking to a friend from the Space Center who works at the SLC Gateway Apple Store and headed up there to arrive at 8:30pm - and waited in line until 11:30pm to get a phone. He made it as the last person in the line before the Store Manager cut off the line (like only two second after he got in line!) But when he finally got to the front... the AT&T registration computers went down... bummer. (they only sold over 1 million phone in the first 2 1/2 days of selling) But Ryan did get a 'Rain Check' for his efforts.

So Saturday morning... real early since I didn't get to bed till 2:30am after flying in from Chicago... I went up to be at the Gateway in SLC for the 9:00am opening
. They put me at the front of the line with the 'rain check' cards and within 20 minutes or so I had two iPhone 3Gs - one for me (black 16GB) and a White 16GB for Ryan.
I know I'm going to sound like my Dad here, but I did the math and analyzed our company phone bills and was able to save about $200 by dropping Sprint and going to AT&T - even with the iPhone data plans! So I spent most of Saturday working with AT&T and Sprint to get my old iPhone transfered to Jill, a new AT&T phone for Alysha, and generally 'playing' with the new iPhone. (Karrissa went at night after Joe got back and got herself a new AT&T phone in Vegas)

We had to have Karrissa and Jill on the same plan! That, and we HAD TO have unlimited texting to take care of Alysha's 18,000+ text message every month!
So we are now all on AT&T (Brent's still on his Sprint phone until he goes on his mission, and Joe will take Ryan's old Treo phone and be on a Sprint plan in Vegas) Whew! sorry for all the boring details.

The new phones by the way are GREAT! Highly Recommended.

I've added lots of Applications from the Apple AppStore - now I always have something to play with when I'm ever stuck waiting for something. There are more on the way!

I like having the larger space on the iPhone - I have over 16 hours of videos (currently House, Sherlock Holmes series as well as a couple of movies) It's Great!


Karrissa said...

Thanks so much for everything! I love my new phone and can actually talk to people all over my house, not just in one spot!

DentalDad said...

Cool phones. Sounds like fun.

Laura H said...

wow, I'm jealous. I was patient and got the Palm Centro when ATT got it. You can call me too, since I'm ATT. I love the texting and that I have my Outlook calendar with me.

Gram said...

Sounds like lots of work to me but I have to admit the fact that you can do all that stuff is intriguing. You are a good hubby and Dad!