Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Date Night with Jill to see Wall-E

After a day of playing with the iPhone, and getting all the other phones moved over to AT&T... I had a chance to take my wife out on a date! Yea! We went and saw Wall-e - the latest Pixar Animation film. We both thought it was great! I've since read a couple of reviews and have to agree with most of what they say. The animation is stunning, characters believable, storyline pretty good, but I don't agree with the main 'premise' that we are destroying our planet! And that Big N Large businesses are going to take over and rule the world!

Sometimes these whacko environmentalists should just go back to hugging trees and get out of the entertainment industry.

The film paid homage to 2001: A Space Odyssey and other previous films in little ways, including the 'HAL' eye-ball...
I enjoyed the Wall-E character and his 'girlfriend' EVE and the little cleanup robot MO was quite cute as well.

Overall a great movie and a fun night out with the wife.


Jill Parsons said...

Thanks for the date. We should do that more often. I also thought the movie was soooo cute. Love you. See you Sat.

Gram said...

I am so happy you got to have a date with your sweet wife. We also like Wall-E for the same reasons you did. I just didn't like the beginning with all the doom and gloom of the planet. I don't think we are destropying our planet, so I agree with you on that premise, as well. Last night Dad & I went to Sizzler for a steak and then to se KUNG FU PANDA at the Scera. There was only one other couple in the theatre. IT WAS A REALLY FUN MOVIE! I liked it better than Wall-E.