Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kylie's Blessing

This morning in church Joe gave Kylie a name and a blessing - then we had a 'open house' out at our home for all the Winwards, Parsons, Rifes, and friends to come and help celebrate this family occasion.

Jill did a great job planing and making all the food for 45+ folks who stopped by - Christmas Sausage & Egg, Hash Browns, Shirley's Rolls, etc. Here's some photos from the day.
Here are my Four Children all together on my office couch - Great Kids!


Gramps said...

Great post Keith. Glad that you enjoyed taking pictures of McK. They are really cute. Janet said it all, "isn't it great being a grandparent?" Thanks for a great blessing event for Kylie. It's special that we have these events which brings families together.

Gram said...

Thanks, Keith, for posting the pictures so quickly. It was a great day. Jill did a superb job in planning and cooking all the food! Kylie and McKinley are really cute children and loved by all in attendance.

Gram said...

I also meant to say that I loved the last picture of all four of your children. They really are GREAT people, even if they haven't yet reached their full potential. The are truly GOOD KIDS!!!