Tuesday, August 12, 2008

AM-105 - St. Louis

Last week was spent it a nice Hilton Hotel by the St. Louis Airport. I taught a 5-day AirMagnet course... and didn't leave the hotel for the entire five days.

I was trying to save money by not renting a car... (Saved over $300) - so after class I had dinner while reading a nice new book (Eoin Colfer's Time Paradox) and then working on e-mails back in the room and watched an episode of "Sharpe's Rifle's" or "Foyle's War" before going to bed... then starting it all over again the next day.We have had some 'crashes' with the AirMagnet survey software in class over the past couple of sessions, so AirMagnet sent out a nice software engineer (programmer) to sit the class and see what was going on. Luckily, no one crashed in class this week except the programmer! At least there was some one 'official' to watch it and now they should be able to take her 'debug version' and analyze the captures to fix whatever the problem might be.

The last couple of days we shared the hotel with a Professional Magician's Conference. I liked listening in to their sessions whenever we were on a break. I guess they share their 'secrets' with like pros!

On the flight home I was routed through Atlanta on my way home... It's always great to go East for 90 minutes and then turn around to fly West... but while walking down the concourse to get to my other gate I almost walked into my friend Barry Woodbridge! Fancy meeting him there.I thought I'd also post a 'travel tip' on how to find your car in airport parking. I used to park in the same area everytime... then they changed the parking lot around and took away my favorite spot. A couple of months ago I 'lost' my car and so I started this new method to remember where I parked my car.

Just take a picture of the signs around your car with the camera in your phone. Easy, quick and always with you!

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Gramps said...

Way to go Keith. Sounds like you enjoy yourself and do well with your travels and work. Glad Brent got off okay. We'll be anxious to hear from him.