Sunday, August 24, 2008

Heber Creeper Family Trip

On Saturday we got up and had waffles in the new Waffle Iron Jill got this week. (A professional flip-over kind like we borrowed for Brent's Farewell)

Then packed everyone up and drove up to Heber to ride on a 'choo choo' - it was really for McKinely, but we all enjoyed ourselves.
Gram and Gramps came along for the ride as well.

After riding the train, we stopped by at "Granny's" for lunch.
I had some 'extra' fun on this trip. In addition to the Nikon Camera, I brought along a new little device I first got for our Mexico trip. It is a Merax Photofinder GPS.

This little device gets a GPS lock, then captures all the GPS coordinates of your trip - along with the appropriate time-stamps.
Then when you return from a photo-shoot, you download the photos AND the GPS data stream. The software then matches up the photos and the locations and adds a GPS tag to the EXIF data tag on each photo.

Now you can plot all your photos, along with your trip track onto maps, or upload them to Flicker or Google Earth. Pretty fun stuff for a geek like me!


Gramps said...

That is a pretty neat device. What will they develop next. Thanks for the train ride and lunch. It was fun to be with your family.

Karrissa Winward said...

That GPS is so cool! Thanks for the fun day on the choo-choo. McKinley is still talking about it today, "More choo-choo!"

Gram said...

We enjoyed our outing with you and your family. It was nice to see McKinley enjoy her 'choo choo' ride. Thanks for a fun day and good lunch.