Friday, August 1, 2008

Family Time in Las Vegas

Jill and the kids went down to Las Vegas to help Karrissa and Joe move to a new house just around the block from their old home. Its a nice new home, with an extra bedroom and also less money per month. Good choice kids!
I flew in on Wednesday after class - then all of us went to 'our favorite' the Cheesecake Factory at Cesear's Palace - McKinley loves to watch the fish and the entertainment (all but the big Fire Finale) - the food was great as always and it's nice to spend time with all my kids and the grandkiddies as well.
The boys and I worked on hooking up their new fridge to the water supply and mounted Joe's LCD screen up on the wall and snaked the cables behind the sheetrock.
Then after Joe came home after Dental School we all got dressed and headed out to a park to have Karrissa's friend Raquel to take some family photos for us. (before Brent heads down to Brazil for his two year Mission to Sao Paulo Brazil.)

Jill and I sure have great kids!
I had a flight home (part of my trip to LA) and the rest of the Family drove home to be her in time for the PFFW at Seven Peaks today. (Parsons Family Fun Week)


Jill Parsons said...

I love those kids. It is amazing how grown up they have all become. We had a great time in Vegas and I am glad the kids are willing to help the Winward family.

Gram said...

What a great group of kids! I am so happy they love and serve each other. Good photos, too.