Friday, August 1, 2008

AM-204 in Orange County

This week was a three-day AM-204 Advanced WLAN Design course held in Sunny SoCal - specifically a Holiday Inn by the John Wayne Orange County Airport (SNA)I was able to have a nice evening out on Monday with my friend Barry and his wife Donna. We went to a place called The Crab Cooker on the Balboa peninsula off of Newport Beach. We had a fairly long wait to get in, but it gave us a chance to get caught up and talk a bit. I had a new 'appetizer' from their menu that I've never seen before... Salmon Wings! Smoked Salmon that is a specific part of the fish so the little side fin ends up looking like a 'wing' - they tasted great. Then for the entree I had a big skewer of grilled shrimp... (plus they had some nice sourdough bread to go along, plus the largest 'oyster crackers' I've ever seen.

Thanks Woodbridges!
I thought this was a pretty good sign on the side of the building.

Then after class on Wednesday - off to the airport to fly to Las Vegas to be with all the family. Jill and the kids went down to help Karrissa and Joe move into a new house (just around the block)

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Gram said...

Salmon wings and shrimp, too. How good is that? It was nice you were able to go out with friends for a good dinner.