Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sad Mac...

I had just finished my first week with the MacBookAir as my 'main machine' - used for all my e-mails, task lists, calendar, etc. And really loving it by the way... On Thursday morning it started to act up a bit... and so like a worried parent, I chose to drive up to SLC to the Apple Store there for a consultation. Luckily I was able to get right in to on of the 'Genius' folks who ran an entire series of diagnostics, hard drive repair and recovery.

It looked like it was 'healed' -

On a side note... of course I had to ask myself "What did you do!" - to see what had changed with the computer... so I was prepared when the Genuis asked the same question.
Then after returning to the office it worked for just long enough to copy off my mail and calendar information before crashing again. This time I took it to the local Apple Store (non-authorized but really good) and they started the same diagnostics and found the Hard Drive had crashed - and that this version of MacBook has a super-small Hard Drive that has exhibited this behavior in the past but that it was covered under warranty and they'd have it back to me on Monday... whew!

Good thing I had the MacBookPro lying around from the 802.11 N Seminar series... I've moved over to be a 'Mac Guy' and this made a good temporary replacement for me.


Gramps said...

Sorry about your Mac Keith. At least you know how to get things repaired and know the terminalogy.

Gram said...

I am happy that you were able to find out what made it crash and was able to get it fixed on the warranty. We loved our first Mac and that was many years ago. I am happy you are thrilled with your new one and that it syncs with all your other stuff. (side note - had my ultrasound today and the new lumps are not cancer, so I'm thrilled).