Friday, August 1, 2008

Aruba - PTT - Dallas TX

Last week was another Aruba Partner Technical Training... my first totally alone without any other Aruba folks support. Yikes! But the four days went fine.

The first morning we ending up with 14 students in a room designed for only 8... so over lunch we moved to a hotel nearby and rented some of their space instead. (we are bamboo...)
The location was in Las Colinas - the site has an artificial lake, canals, and even a light rail connecting all these buildings together. Lots of 'Lofts' type apartments abut the canals and lake. The entire place is supposed to be 'pedestrian friendly' - but at 100 degrees with 90+% humidity... I don't think so. Pretty good travel karma this week... I'm back... Yes!

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Gram said...

I am happy your travel Karma is back. I don't think pedestrian friendly in that kind of heat and humidity is what most people want.