Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Brent's Last Weekend Before Mission

My son Brent had his last weekend at home for two years... he left to go on a Mission for the LDS Church in Brazil for the next two years. You can catch up on his blog (maintained by his sister Karrissa) to follow along on his Mission experiences. Saturday Brent requested Mongolian Beef for dinner, so after driving to the airport in the afternoon to pick up Karrissa and the girls, I started cooking the 'special meal' for Brent. Then after dinner I went down with Brent to the IPF (Indoor Practice Field) to watch him play his last game of Lacrosse with the BYU team scrimmage. He even scored as a long pole defender! So it was a good start for his lacrosse hiatus.

Sunday Brent gave a great talk in church, filled with humor and spirituality. I tried recording it, but all I heard on the recording was lots of little kid noises and screams. But it was very good!
Then Jill had prepared a nice 'Waffle Bust' for all those who came and visited after church - family, friends, and some BYU Lacrosse team members came to give Brent a nice send off. We borrowed four 'professional' waffles irons, the ones you flip over, and had a great Waffle Breakfast with all the fixing, fruits, syrups, whipped cream, nuts, you name it. Then for Sunday night Dinner Brent had requested Fried Rice - so once again I was in the kitchen working on dinner for the family. Yea!

Monday we went to the Temple with Jill, Karrissa, Ryan and Brent - it was good to have them all together. While inside the temple I was recalling 29 years ago sitting in the same chapel, waiting for a session while I was in the MTC on my way to my mission. Then afterwards, while taking some pictures outside I met a couple of missionaries who were on their way to my old Mission grounds (Taiwan Taichung) Wow how time flies!I had a cooking reprieve on Monday night - as Brent chose to go to California Pizza kitchen for his 'last supper'. This morning we packed up Brent's stuff and took him up to the airport for his flights down to Sao Paulo Brazil. It was much easier than the tearful parting at Ryan's MTC experience - it was more like just sending him off on a plane ride for an adventure. Of course Jill cried, but not too much. We'll sure miss having him around.

One last note, last night while packing, Brent came and stated "I'm now old enough for a 'good' pen" - So I gave him one of my Mont Blanc's to take to his mission with him. Obviously he's old enough now!
Below are some pictures of Brent and the 'fam' as he was about to leave.


Deni said...

Congratulations on a job well done with your kids Keith. They all look so good. Best of luck to Brent as he serves in Brazil.

Gram said...

We were happy to be a part of the farewell activities. We will miss Brent, too, but know that he can become an excellent missionary and learn lots from this experience. The food that you and Jill cooked was great and we appreciated the meals and going to the temple with your family. (twice in one week, wow!)

Gram said...

I am so surprised that you actually gave him one of your good pens. I know they mean a lot to you so I hope it will mean a lot to Brent, as well.