Monday, May 4, 2009

Alysha's Dance Concert

Last week I was teaching an AirMagnet class in Los Angeles - at the Hilton directly across the street from the LAX airport.

I normally teach on the last day of class until 3:30pm or 4:00pm - then take down and pack everything up.

But my daughter Alysha was giving their final dance concert of the year at her high school that night.

By changing a couple of things around, teaching later on the other days I was able to complete the class by 2:30pm PDT, pack up, and get to the airport by 3:00pm. I was initially ticketed on a United flight later in the evening, but had purchased a special one-way ticket home to see if I could make the Dance Concert.

Not paying attention - when I clicked the last Friday of the month on the reservations page I forgot last Friday wasn't the last Friday of the month... it was the 1st of May. So I had made a huge mistake, in that my ticket was for the 29th of May, not the 1st.

So when I go to check in, no ticket... the 'same day' ticket was going to be something like $350... ouch! But the nice lady at the ticket counter listened to my dilema, and made some changes... and I got the last seat on the 3:50pm flight to SLC.

The last seat happened to be in between two big rugby players - but after 90 sqwished minutes I was on the ground in SLC. Caught the very first shuttle bus to the parking, had no one in line for parking payment, and a smooth drive down to Orem.

I walked into the High School Auditorium right at 7:30pm - right as the concert started! - So finishing up teaching - then four hours later watching my daughter dance. What a world we live in.

When Alysha came out on stage and saw that I had actually surprised her and came to her concert she started to cry. All the travelling hassles were all worth that one moment.

And the concert was great to boot!


Karrissa Winward said...

I get teary-eyed just remember he cute little face when she saw you in the audience. She was so excited you were there! As was I, because we had a nice time sitting by each other at the concert!

Laura H said...

Aaawww! That's great! Only YOU would be able to pull that off. You amaze me with your travel karma.
Glad you were able to make it home in time.

Jill Parsons said...

You are an amazing father and husband. I thought the effort was wonderful on your behalf. To see Alysha's face I hope was worth it all. Thanks for everything you do for us. I can never keep up with the "to do list".