Sunday, May 10, 2009

Movie Reviews for the Week

This week I was home (all but one day in Sunnyvale) - and had a chance to watch a couple of the new 'blockbuster' movies. Here are my reviews. Star Trek
I've like all things Star Trek for many years and never thought they had a chance of making a decent movie about the series. I did not like the other movies very much. I like all the series, but the movies were sometimes lacking. This new movie was so different...a very unique perspective.

Spock stole the show!All the characters were well developed and gave us some new insight into their lives as younger explorers. Loved seeing Leonard Nimoy in his role! Spock and Ohoura - I always suspected that! Bones is just as I always suspected he would have been as a young guy! There are great new insights into the early history of this crew - but remember, this is a 'reboot' of the original series in that it is on a different parallel time-line -so who knows what new adventures await this new crew.

In fact, I think all the crew members were individually better than their old counterparts! (well, all but Kirk... who can replace the original there...)

All in all a superb effort & I hope they will make another one!

I've enjoyed all the X-men series movies. Never a reader of comic books, but liked the movies. This one was in the same genre, it seemed to work. If you like the X-men type movies this would be a good one for you to watch. I was worth the time and money to go see it. Entertaining!


Gram said...

Loved your movie reviews. They always make me think. I'll be interested in seeing Star Trek as I have always love the series on TV. I don't know about XMen. It seems a little violent for me. I'll be happy when I can sit through a movie again.

Jill Parsons said...

when did you see wolverine? Did you sneak out one night last week that I did not know?

Ryan said...

Star Trek was awesome. I loved all the subtle nods to the original series. It was not a typical "Star Trek" movie, but it was still enjoyable and entertaining. The only negative comment I have on the movie would be that there were too many lens flares and too much action, it was practically non-stop. It left little room for a coherent story to develop. Still amazing, however.