Saturday, May 30, 2009

Family Vacation to Europe

Monday afternoon we board a direct flight from SLC to Paris! Yea!

We've been planning this family vacation for quite some time now. I think Ryan's been wanting to visit Paris and London for many many years - and finally we'll be going.

We arrive in Paris Tuesday around noon - and after a nap, we'll be off doing the tourist thing for 5 1/2 days there, then on to London. We'll be in London another 6 1/2 days before flying home on Saturday June 13th.

Hopefully we'll find the time and internet connection to keep the blog updated with our activities and pictures to share.

It's going to be fun!

Any suggestions on what we should be sure to see in Paris and London?

Here's are starting list - but we'd love to have feedback and ideas on where you suggest we visit.


- Notre Dame

- The Louvre

- Champs Elysee

- Eiffel Tower

- Parks and Museums

- Fashion shopping for Alysha

- Versailles

- Bike ride along the Siene

- Dinner cruise on the river


- London Eye

- St. Paul's

- Buckingham Palace

- Tower of London

- London Bridge

- Millennial Bride

- Stonehenge

- Salisbury Cathedral

- Cambridge
- Boat ride on the Thames

- Phantom of the Opera

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Gramps said...

Hope you have a safe and fun trip with your family. We'll look forward to your photo's and blog of your experiences.