Monday, May 25, 2009

Health Improvement Goals

Since my little 'wake up call' last week, I've decided to take some action to get my self healthier!

But, after many hours of thought and contemplation, I've realized that the steps can't be too drastic, or I'll just do it for awhile, then revert to my old ways. So some of these goals might seem a bit 'lightweight' - but, trust me, they are a change in my lifestyle.

I've NEVER liked to exercise - never got that 'runners high' or felt better after a workout than before. I've always loved carbs, and didn't like fruits and vegetables. So these are goals for *me* and my lifestyle.

To quote my diabetic doctor... "Move More - Eat Less" - so here goes.

First - I need to move more. I've tried using a pedometer, and consistently walk between 5,000 and 6,000 steps on a normal day - I'd thought about bumping this up to 10,000 like some people recommend. That would be an improvement for me, but I could get that by just walking more. That doesn't get my heart into the 'zone'.

So my goal for "Move More" is to do an aerobic exercise that gets my heart rate between 120 and 130 for 30 minutes 6 days a week. - If I don't get that, I have to have at least 8,000 walking steps.

Next 'Move More' goal - work with weights for an additional 10-20 minutes each day - muscle burns more calories than fat - bulk up a bit.

Second - on to the "Eat Less" daily goals:
1 Fruit
1 Veggie (salad counts)

Only 1 French Fry per week

2 bottles of water per day

These are minimum goals - I could do more, but I'd rather reach them than shoot high and miss. Again, this needs to be something I'll do for the long haul. Every day for the rest of my life!

And finally the documentation and tracking...

I'm going to design and produce a small 3x5 card (I've been carrying them in my pocket for years) that will be a place for me to daily track these goals. Including all my diabetic blood sugar and food count tracking. (I'll post what it looks like when I get it completed)

So, there, you go.
Feel free to ask me how I'm doing... did I actually just say that?

Now, I just have to go and live the new 'plan'.


Karrissa Winward said...

Daddy, I am proud of you. Those look like great, reachable goals. You can do it!

Jill Parsons said...

That is a better plan than me the yo yo dieter! You will do great!

Deni said...

Keith, good luck to you! Lifestyle changes are so hard. I love the goals you have set for yourself. I know you'll do a great job.

Gramps said...

You are smart to set small reachable goals and improve from there. I'm proud of you for doing this. I'll look forward to up dates.