Thursday, May 7, 2009

Quick Trip to San Jose

Yesterday morning, sleeping in my nice bed. 

  • on the road to the airport
  • wait for flight
  • flight to San Jose
  • Taxi to AirMagnet
  • Meetings with AirMagnet on new course development
  • Get a ride back to the airport
  • Barely make the flight
  • flight back to SLC
  • fight traffic home

So a 12-hour little 'jaunt' over to California and back, all in one day. What would the old 49'rs of the 1850's who took months to travel from Salt Lake Valley to the California mine fields have thought of that.

By the way, the flight back from San Jose had 'major' tailwinds. We were flying for only 58 minutes... that equates to a 620 mph average ground speed... including takeoff and landing. Probably the fastest I've ever travelled!


Jill Parsons said...

It is interesting how fast we can travel to and from places. what the pioneers would have gave for our kind of travel.

Gram said...

I was so glad you were able to pull a few strings and make it to the dance concert. I know Alysha was happy you were there. We enjoyed it!

Thanks to you and to Jill for the help this week.