Saturday, June 6, 2009

Arc de Triumph and Champs Elysees

Well - after a week of being on the go, go, go every day. Today we woke up and just relaxed (OK, the kids slept in...) We didn't get back to Notre Dame till after noon... sleepyheads!

Ryan wanted to climb the West Ramparts and see the bells - A bit of Quasimodo in him I guess.

The weather was cold and rainy - so we were so glad we got Versailles in yesterday. Plus on Saturday - today - there were many many more people out and about.

A quick Metro ride over to the Arc de Triumph and we were catching our last 'big thing' we wanted to see. Since today was 'D-Day' - there were lots of old French soldiers in their suits with all their medals on their chests doing a D-Day observance at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the base of the Arch. Another HUGE French monument...

Then we walked down the Champs Elysees - looking at all the shops, the rugby team fans dressed in their team colors, and enjoying the walking and the shopping.

The Louis Vitton shop actually had a queue and folks were lined up just to get in to shop for over priced bags!

Jill, Ryan and Alysha liked their shopping and bought stuff from Paris shops.

We walked from the Arc down to the Concode plaza right down the avenue - ending in the Louvre. One famous, and very large street!

Then back late to the hotel just in time to do laundry to get ready for next week in London.

Mom Strutting...
Just for you Karrissa...
Trying to get warm on a cold summer day in Paris
Top of Notre Dame looking back toward the Eiffel Tower
Ryan and Jill at the 'Big Bell'
The Arc de Triumph
Yes, we were there!
Just to prove we were on the right street
Ready to walk down the Avenue
Alysha wanted a picture of the Louis Vuitton storefront
People were queuing up just to get in to buy overpriced stuff
Of course they had to shop here as well...
From about 1/2 way down the Avenue looking toward the Concode
A shot of the Concorde Obelisk with the Domed Church in the Background


Gram said...

I have loved all the pictures and comments. I just cannot type much. I'm not supposed to have my arm out of the sling for this so I'm not making comments. You've walked far and long but it looks as if it was worth it. I am so glad you are enjoying the trip, except for the loss of money to teen age pick pockets.

Janet said...

Keith, it's really been fun to "be" in Paris with you. Great job on the blog posting!

Karrissa Winward said...

Oh how I love the 'mom vacation strut'. Wish I was there to see it with you!

Karrissa Winward said...

Oh yeah, and mom's shirt is way cute!

Amberlin Baxter said...

I am so jealous. That place looks beautiful, I would love to go over there and just ride my bike around everywhere!

Laura H said...

What a fun vacation. I see Alysha got the "cold" fixed with the 'new' Paris sweatshirt!