Saturday, June 27, 2009

Quick trip to Philly

On Thursday I took a flight out to Philadelphia, spent the night in the hotel, then on Friday taught a one-day 'make-up' course for the materials I missed during my little 'episode' the last time I was in Philly.

Then... I started on my flight home.

Boarded the flight 30-minutes prior to the scheduled take-off time. (thanks to being Platinum Medallion with Delta I got a free First Class upgrade - Yea!)

Because of a totally full-flight, we were running a bit late pushing back from the gate.

Because of 'weather' we had to wait in line with many many other planes to get in line for a runway.

We were waiting so long, they turned the engines off for over an hour.

Then after two hours, we finally started moving again, and got into the #2 position to take off.

Then... a 'lady' and I use that term loosely, decided to call her lawyer, threaten a law-suit and force the plane back to the terminal to let her off the plane.

They weren't expecting us at the terminal, so no gate was available.

After 45 minutes, we finally were able to let her off. (she missed her connection out of SLC and decided to sleep at home rather than in a hotel by the SLC airport) She would fly back to SLC in the morning.

By the way, she had to endure those 45 minutes with all the other passengers complaining loudly around her about her actions causing over a hundred people on our flight to miss their connections because of her selfish actions! I was ten rows forward, and easily heard those 'comments'.

Since we had idled so long, we now didn't have enough fuel to get to SLC.

But they couldn't refuel us, because there was lightning a couple of miles away.

They were able to find some 'volunteers' to push us back and we decided to fly without too much 'spare fuel'

Then back in line for a runway...

Finally in the air and heading to SLC.

Thus I spent more time getting home from Philadelphia than from Europe!

I'm home all next week! Sweet!


Gram said...

That was terrible that it took you longer to come home from Philly than from Europe.

Gramps said...

I bet that lady was a Democrat. At least you were in first class. Glad you are home safe and sound. Hope your class went well.

Ryan said...

...not quite sure her political affiliation has anything to do with her less than desirable attitude...but nonetheless, that would have been an awful experience. Glad you made it home dad!