Thursday, June 4, 2009

Notre Dame and the Seine Cruise

After the Sainte-Chapelle we walked across the island in the Seine to see the cathedral of Notre Dame Paris. Started in 1163, it wasn't completed for 170 years... That's a lot of work!

They still hold Mass here multiple times each day. A choir was singing plainsong while we toured the building.

Photos from the visit...

Family outside Front of Notre DameNave of Notre Dame looking toward Apse

North Transept Rose Window

Wooden Model of Notre Dame showing Flying Buttresses surrounding Apse

Gothic Architecture Details

Family from Back of Notre Dame on Bridge over Seine

Back of Notre Dame showing Flying Buttresses

The happy family being in Paris at Notre Dame

Full Side View from River Seine

Then on to the Batobus - a river tour of the Seine taking us from Notre Dame through the city down to the Eiffel Tower.


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