Friday, June 12, 2009

St. Paul's Cathedral, Millennial Bridge, Natural History Museum

On our final day here in London - and the last day of our vacation before flying home - we took a subway (yea! they were off strike today!) from our nearby 'Marble Arch' station down to the 'St. Paul's' station. What took us over 3 hours last night, was over in only 10 minutes!

St. Paul's Cathedral is BIG! - now, not as big as St. Peter's Basilica in Rome... but very large none-the-less. You can easily tell this was built hundreds of years after Notre Dame, or Westminster Abby, or even Salisbury Cathedral. The building techniques were much improved, more refined, and more 'finished'.

I'm awestruck at the in ordinate amount of money that goes into buildings such as these. Even the little details were finished ornately and with great expense and labor.

Then a little walk down onto the 'Millennial Bridge' - a pedestrian walkway over the Thames.

Another tube ride and we were back in the Museum area by Harrods. Ryan had wanted to return to the Natural History Museum. Like the Science Museum next door, this was also free, and also very well done! It would take more time than these old feet would want to walk to finish the entire museum. (we're also kind of 'museumed out' after two weeks of vacation)

The architecture of the Natural History Museum was also stunning. I don't know if we will ever build again as a human race with this level of detail and amount of hard laborious work. Each of the columns is carved stone with a different motif. Some have fanciful or grotesque animals, others geometric patterns, and others still more 18th century science motifs.

The others did a bit more shopping - and then back to the hotel. We'll have one last meal - probably our favorite - Italian, and then tomorrow morning off to the airport for the flights home.
7:30am - Leave for Heathrow Airport
10:00am - Flight from London to New York City's JFK airport
1:00pm - Wait in JFK Crown Room
4:00pm - Flight to Salt Lake City
8:00pm - Drive to Orem
9:00pm - Home
So, only about 19 hours of travel time to find our way back home...

Ryan is 'just happy to be in London' - he's faking of course
"Thank you 'Poppa' for taking me to London"
Yes, were are actually by St. Paul's Cathedral in London!
Natural History Museum
Architectural Details - Amazing
OK, I was just 'resting my eyes' because of an allergy attack, alright?
The stone work, brick work, and tile work were simply amazing!
This is a 'Museum' - architecture was wonderful!


Gramps said...

Yea, on the last leg of a tremendous vacation. Glad that you were able to go as a family and see the great sights. We'll be happy to have you back home, safe and sound.

Gram said...

I've so enjoyed reading your posts and seeing the pictures. Ryan and Alysha will always remember this great trip. It is nice to have your family home safe and sound though.

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