Friday, June 26, 2009

Watching the Grand Daughters This Week

Tuesday Jill and I drove the 220 miles down to Cedar City to meet up with our daughter Karrissa and do a little 'transfer'. We took Karrissa's Honda Pilot, with the car seats and DVD player, and let her have my Honda Element to go camping with. She is the 'Young Womens' President in her church and took their church's teenage girls on a 'Girls Camp' this week. So we got the two cute grand-daughters for the rest of this week!

Then another 'quick three hours' driving another 220 miles back to Orem with the girls. Those little girls sure love their Grandma! Jill is great with them!

Wednesday we were able to take them to Cabella's to see the 'Big Animals' and the 'Fishes' -
Then on to Chuck E. Cheese's for some 'Pizza' and play with the big toys. McKinley had a great time with her aunt Alysha and Uncle Ryan taking her around to play. (Alysha's friend Brooke also helped out) - Grandma and Grandpa Parsons also stopped by to visit and check out all the 'fun'.I had forgotten how bad the pizza was at Chuck E. Cheese...

Jill, Ryan, and Alysha also got to take the kids yesterday swimming with Janet and her family at the Riverside Country Club. (I was on a flight for 5 hours to Philly to repeat the last day of the class I missed last month)

Karrissa will be up Saturday afternoon to spend next week at the house. Then Joe will join us for the Fourth... Jill's parents will also be down next week from Washington. We're just going to have a 'party' all together!

We'll all be going to see Stadium of Fire at the BYU stadium for the Fourth of July!
- Jonas Brothers - SheDaisy - Glenn Beck - and lots of Fireworks. Should be fun!Then we're off on another family vacation. This time Jill and I are taking both sets of our parents back to Nauvoo Illinois for a Church History little trip the week after.


Gramps said...

I love your posts, pictures and comments. Thank you for taking the time to keep us updated. Looking forward to Nauvoo.

Amberlin Baxter said...

How fun! I really wish I could come to fourth of july stadium of fire. You never really realize how much you miss that stuff until you can't do it anymore. Anyways have fun with the girls!

Laura H said...

sounds like a fun week. And now with the guests you'll be able to enjoy showers and water!
That's so crazy about the water pressure and for 16 years!