Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Phantom of the Opera

In spite of the Underground strike... (it took about 90 minutes to go five stops on the underground) - we made it down to the Theater for the play. We got on the very last southbound Bakerloo line train and it was sooooo packed. Just body to body... The only way it could have been worse... we could have been in France with the 'Old French Man' smells...

Phantom of the Opera was great! Everyone enjoyed the show and have a wonderful time. This show has been going for over 22 years... since Ryan was born! Wow.


Karrissa Winward said...

Look at mom's stylin scarf? So cute! I am glad you enjoyed the play!

laura said...

I am loving these updates. And really wanting a trip to Europe!

When you get back give me an idea of how much I need to save for such a trip. I would love to do that!