Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The British Museum

This morning Alysha woke up with a bit of a 'tummy ache' and so wanted to stay in the hotel and rest. So Ryan, Jill and I took the Underground over to 'The British Museum'.This museum has been around since 1753 - and is the UK's largest and most popular museum. In 2000 they covered the interior courtyard, adding a new round building in the center of the new covered courtyard.
We saw lots of history, from ancient Egypt, Assyria, Greece, Turkey, etc. I really enjoyed seeing the actual 'Rosetta Stone' - It was such a turning point in understanding the history of Egypt.

But my favorites by far were the Astrolabes and ancient brass navigation instruments and tools. Additionally, they had a special section on clocks and watches. I like clocks! (The book 'Longitude' was a great story)

Tonight we'll be heading to the 'West End' to watch the play 'Phantom of the Opera'!
I am 'bummed' a bit though... the Underground is having a STRIKE this week. Of course, right when we're in town. So I guess we'll be catching more buses around to see the sights this week. I really don't like strikes of any kind - especially when they can cause such major damage to an economy. On TV they were mentioning something like 50 Million pounds a day in lost business because of the strikers.

A couple of photos from the day trip...

Egyptian Hieroglyphics
Jill and Ryan leaving The British Museum
The original Rosetta Stone
Now here's a form I can look like. I just need to shave my head bald!
They transferred this entire temple from Turkey!
I like this guy - the Egyptian God of Knowledge
Trying to follow streets in London can be difficult - see how the street name changes just in one house to the next?

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Gramps said...

That would be an interesting place to see. I see Alysha was feeling better to attend Phantom. That is a long time for the same play. It gave different people the opportunity to perform.