Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Arrival in Paris

We had a nice uneventful flight from SLC direct to Paris. There was a few spare seats available, so we moved around so each of us had a spare seat next to us. Sweet... Well all but Jill. She got the exit row and it had a chilled air leak that kept her cold through three blankets.

Since the flight went so far north, across Hudson's Bay, we never had the sun set all night. Weird...

Then after a very long... yet not too expensive cab ride... we arrived at our hotel and slept for 4 hours to do the 're-sync' thing.

This evening we did a bit of reconnoitering around the Opera District where our hotel is. Walked about 6 miles around, saw the National Opera, walked down the 'Boulevard' - the actual original Boulevard that all the others in the world are named after.
We ended up back at our hotel - having learned where the closest Metro stations are - and had a great dinner at a nearby bistro.My lasagna bolognese was the best I ever had. Alysha had a 5-cheese penne pasta that was wonderful. Jill and Ryan had really good pizza. We even got them to give us a carafe of tap water (crazy Americans)

Tomorrow is the Louvre!

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Karrissa Winward said...

Hooray! I am glad you guys are there and are 're-synced' and having fun!