Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another King Wha Devotee

Here's a quote I received today from a student in Seattle. I recommended they drive down to Burien one night after class and try out the 'World's Best Mongolian Beef'...

See, it's not just me!

...On a side note, we did go to King Wha for Mongolian beef. Since I was there, I’ve had it at 2 of ‘the best’ Chinese restaurants in town here. Guess what? Not only did they not even look close to the same, it wasn’t spicy (not even a little), the serving was much, much smaller, there were too many vegetables mixed in with the meat, and the meat itself wasn’t sweetened – they served with sweet and sour on the side at both places like I was supposed to sweeten it myself. I guess what I’m saying is, thank you for getting us to King Wha, but now Mongolian beef has been forever ruined for me as nothing can compare!!

Thank you Keith,

Joshua Shillington
Spectrum Health
Grand Rapids, MI


If you are ever in the Seattle area, you've got to try this!

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