Saturday, March 8, 2008

Spring is coming!

I noticed when I came home from Seattle this week little flowers were starting to push their way up in our front yard. The rest of the garden area is still bleak and various shades of brown. But these flowers Jill's planted are breaking through. I thought some pictures would be good.


Gram said...

I noticed the crocuses the last time I was out there. It makes us think spring really isn't far behind.

Gramps said...

Great to be with your family at the lacrosse games. Some neat photo's, with the horzional BYU player with the ball scoring. Enjoy your photo's and comments.

Anonymous said...

The flowers are pretty, but I'm mourning another ski season coming to an end. I've got to remember to ski like crazy in January and February, it's over too soon!

Maer said...

Your spring is late .-)

we had those flowers here 3 weeks ago. And the grass has been green all winter long.

Regional Warming is here.