Sunday, March 30, 2008

Busy Work Schedule

Someone at Church this morning asked me about my work schedule - where I've been, and where I'm going... So thus this post as a reply.

And as I responded this morning... when he commented that it seemed a bit 'busy'... I answered being busy is far better than the alternative. ;-)

1st Quarter of 2008 looked like this.

The next two quarters are also fairly busy - but I put in the 'big rocks' first - family vacations, going to Brent's Lacrosse, etc. Then 'backfilled' the work around those items.


Gram said...

Yes, you are a busy man in providing for your family. They do love the vacations you provide and it is really great that you can do those things with and for your children and grandchildren to have the bonding and fun memories!! It is a good thing you have learned to do your own laundry and pack a bag as it seems you are gone lots.

Albany said...

Good words.