Tuesday, March 11, 2008

BYU -vs- Arizona State University

Tonight was another BYU Lacrosse game - this time against Arizona State University (Sun Devils).
Brent got to guard a pretty tall attackman!

We won 17 to 15! Yea!

We were down 5-1 in the first quarter, fought back, got ahead, tied, got behind, tied, then finally pulled ahead in the end.
Brent got to play a in each quarter. He got a few ground balls.Grandpa and I like to sit on the sidelines, right about the midfield line on our folding chairs. There are bleachers, but the chairs are just a bit warmer than the aluminum benches, and we like to be close to the action.
It was a bit too dark for me to get very many shots. The lights on the field just weren't bright enough, and my lens not fast enough to get


Karrissa said...

That guy Brent was guarding is huge!! Mom said it was pretty close game, I like them like that, makes it more interesting!

Gramps said...

You got some good photo's of Brent in action. It's a fun game to watch and glad that I be there to enjoy them. Go Cougars!

Gram said...

Sorry, I missed the action but Grandpa told me about the game. It sounded like a fun game to watch. I like seeing Brent's pictures so thanks for keeping me up on it. I just didn't feel good yesterday.