Saturday, March 1, 2008

BYU -vs- Michigan

This afternoon was another BYU Lacrosse home game. Played at the football practice field by the RB. But this week they added bleachers for the fans, and the bleachers were all full, plus standing room only on the sidelines. The entire Michigan State team was on had to watch as well - they are down early for the entire week playing Utah and Westminster earlier next week, and then BYU next Saturday. There were also quite a lot of Michigan fans in the audience - they were well represented. I was proud of Brent's play - he did a good job and got lots of play time.

Attackman - Brent - Goal...

But a lot of the team wasn't quite 'on' today. We ended up loosing by three goals. Kind of disappointing.

We had a very difficult time gaining the upper hand on face offs -
their guy already has the ball in his sights and we're still with a stick on the ground...

Brent got a couple of ground balls

It's not too often Brent gets to defend Attackman this large...

One shiny example was Pat breaking free, taking out a defender
then scoring on this large 'wind up' shot!

Brent's efforts defending the goal against Michigan caught on BYU TV

As a reader of this blog might note... Jill and I really enjoy going and watching the BYU Lacrosse team play. Work is just a way to fill in the days between games. (and to pay for the hobby)

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Gram said...

I am happy that you and Jill are so supportive of Brent. Looks as if I missed a good game on Saturday. Thnks for sending the shots of Brent playing so hard. It must have been a lot faster game than the week before with BC.