Saturday, March 1, 2008

Media for the Week

On the flight out I was able to finally watch the 'Bee Movie' - boy was it over hyped! So much marketing for just a 'so so' movie. Kind of fun - totally predictable - but not bad while trapped in a metal tube moving 500 miles per hour 35,000 feet above the ground.
Another movie I watched one night in Orlando was the 'kids flick' The Spiderwick Chronicles. Also an 'ok' movie. Not one I'd watch again, but still well done, and will very good special effects.I also spent a couple of hours each night watching episodes from Star Trek Enterprise. I never got a chance to watch them 'live' when they started years ago. And never really got into this 'prequel' to the origional Star Trek (with James T. Kirk) My hotel room was pretty bleak, no remote for the TV so I watched a couple of episodes before heading off to bed each night.
Now I'm 'in to' this version and want to watch the rest of the seasons. Good thing I have them in digital format, just watch on the laptop... For the flights I've been watching a BBC series again called 'Cadfael' - a murder mystery set in the middle ages in southern England right after the Crusades. It is very well done and I can watch a couple of full shows on a cross-country flight.


Gramps said...

Thanks for your update Keith. It was great to be at the Lacrosse game with you and Jill. Brent is doing very well. Thanks also for the delicious "fried rice" Sunday dinner and visit with family. It was good to see Joe, Karrissa and McKinley. Be safe!

Gram said...

I thought the Bee movie was very over-hyped as well. It was okay but nothing great. I loved "Enchanted" we saw last Friday night. I think I want to see the Spiderwick Chronicals.