Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Detroit for the Week

Well, here I am this week teaching another AM-105 class - this time about 4-hours down the road from last week's Toronto class. (I did get to fly home for a day home on Saturday, sing in the choir at Church for Easter Sunday, give a Sunday School lesson, then back on a plane flying East)

It is pretty cold here - they got snow last weekend, and the river is still frozen a bit in places. The city of Detroit sits on the North side of the Detroit River - that connects Lake Huron with Lake Eire. It is the only US City that faces Canada to the South... Windsor Canada is just across the river to the south.

I'm teaching and staying at a nice Courtyard Marriott... actually the best Courtyard I've ever been to. Across the street is the Renaissance Center - GM's worldwide headquarters and a huge building complex. Over 5.5Million Square Feet in the building!

I wasn't able to get a flight at the right time to go to Grand Junction on Friday to watch Brent's BYU Lacrosse game... so I'll just fly home after the class is over.


Karrissa said...

Glad the hotel was ok, kind of pricey for only four people though. I am sorry you don't get to get home in time to go to Brent's game! That is too bad!

Gramps said...

Hey I didn't know Detroit faced south to Canada. That's got to be interesting. Sorry you'll miss the lacrosse game. There'll be four of us, as Janet is going. Be safe and teach well.

Gram said...

Sounds as if you have had a busy time, as usual. I am like Dad I didn't know that Detroit faced south to Canada. We'll miss you at the game but I am excited to go see it.