Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dallas - CCNA WIreless

This week was spent in Dallas, doing a CCNA Wireless class.
The hotel was an amazing place - called 'NYLO' - kind of after a New York City Loft-Style place. Exposed concrete everywhere, 'green' furnishing made from bamboo wood and hemp fibers, and a bit 'edgy'. But I liked it. It had a unique feel, and the staff was amazingly helpful and courteous. My son Ryan would have just loved it.I went down knowing I had a cold, or as my Brother-in-law Rich calls it a 'Man-Cold'. I thought I was getting better, but on Tuesday I was stuck in my room most of the day. I was a sick as I've ever been in a hotel, next to the time in San Juan Puerto Rico when I had to have a Doctor come to the hotel room... but that's a different story.

But I did recover and enjoyed the class the rest of the week, getting better than 90% on the exam Friday before coming home. The instructor, Todd Lammle, and I have worked together for many years on different projects - and he had me teach a couple of the sections of the course.

So another certification to go into the 'collection'...

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Gram said...

Cool place. I am glad you told us about it tonight. Have a good week in Toronto. It was nice having you home for Sunday dinner.