Monday, August 17, 2009

Moses Lake then on to Newark

Friday we woke up in Moses Lake Washington - staying at Jill's Brother Ken's lake house. (We like going back there every year for a bit of a vacation - and Jill's family mostly live around there)

A little fishing, boating, jetskis, playing in the water, reading, visiting, etc. Basic vacation stuff when you are by a lake.

We went out and helped Jill's Mom Bev pick and weed her garden (huge gardens by her house - kind of re-claiming the sagebrush by adding some water and chicken-wire to keep the rabbits out)

Dinner at the 'famous' Chico's pizza place, loud - but everyone loves their pizza. Scary how much stuff they can actually load on one pizza.

More of the same on Saturday - and had more cousins and their friends over as well. Plus a big dinner for the entire family at night.

Karrissa and Joe have been reading the first two books in the 'Fablehaven' series - so I confiscated them for awhile and finished them both. I was hoping to get the others in the series at a bookstore, or at the airport, or better yet on the Kindle. But no luck. I like the storyline, and the way the author tells a good tale.
Sunday we cleaned up and headed to the Spokane airport for the flights home and the end of a great week 'vacating'. I however took a flight from Spokane, to Chicago, then on to Newark. Of course, Chicago in the late summer, storms, delays, etc. I did *finally* get to the Newark Airport where I'll be staying teaching AirMagnet all this week at about 2:30am... whew!

Joe, Grandpa, cousin Michael and his friend Pat going fishing

Joe, the mighty fisherman, returns with his catch!

Helping Grandma Bev with her garden

The little lizard - McKinley liked this little guy

Karrissa and her girls, Kylie (1) and McKinley (3)

The Family scarfing down pizza at Chico's

Joe & McKinley on the Wave Runner

McKinley playing with an oar off the dock

McKinley on the Jetski (she wishes she could drive it alone)

Grandpa, Ken and Joe fishing


Karrissa Winward said...

Thanks for the fun trip dad! We loved every minute of it! Sorry about your traveling issues, our bad airport carma must have rubbed off on you!

Gram said...

Sorry it took you so long to get to your place of work this week. The photos from Moses Lake were fun to see. Looks as if you continued having a good time. Bev's garden is huge. I hope the corn tasted good.

Everyone arrived here safely and I tried to feed them but they weren't too interested. It was fun to see the cousins visiting and McKinley and Kylie are adorable. Have a safe week!

Gramps said...

Thanks for the pictures and update Keith. Hope you are feeling better. At dinner Sunday the grandkids were discussing and betting that you actually work for the CIA because of all your travels. Wouldn't that be something if you were. I don't believe the pay is as good as you are receiving.