Monday, August 10, 2009

Ferry Rides and the Kitsap Peninsula

This morning we headed out to catch the Edmonds-Kingston Ferry (had to wait a bit in line) to cross over the Puget Sound to the Kitsap Peninsula. McKinley had a hard time figuring out we were really on a boat - when it was soooo big compared to the little water-ski boats she's been on in the past. Until we were actually moving and she could see the water flowing by...

Then a nice lesiurely drive down past the Bangor Sub Base, and the Bremerton Naval Shipyards to my friend Dave Conger's house in Port Orchard. Dave and his family were great hosts and we had a fine lunch and enjoyed catching up and visiting.
He'll have three of his girls coming down to Utah to attend BYU this fall. So we'll get to see more of them for Sunday dinners and Thanksgiving dinners and the like.

Then for the Bremerton-Seattle run. This one took a more picturesque journey through the Bremerton waterway before crossing the sound and into Elliot Bay. There was a lot less wind on the back deck so we stayed there with the girls most of the way - but you just 'have to' be at the front for coming up into the docks in Seattle.

Nordstrom's Rack was a pain to find parking for, but eventually we got settled and into the store. Then a long walk back down to the warf area - walking along till we got back near the ferry terminal and had Fish & Chips at the famous Ivar's.

A long, fun, day visiting around the sound and seeing lots of trees (coming from the deserts of Utah and Nevada watching trees is a pretty cool thing)

Karrissa is "King of the World"

Seagulls followed along with the Ferries

Family on Bremerton Ferry

McKinley Striking a Pose

McKinley relaxing on Kingston Ferry

Kylie looking up to her big sister McKinley

Kylie likes her popcorn

Jill keeping Kylie warm inside on Bremerton Ferry

Karrissa and Joe on Kingston Ferry

Joe and McKinley playing on Bremerton Ferry

Ivar's Fish on the Seattle Waterfront

Ferry crossing Puget Sound
After a fine meal of Fish & Chips at Ivar's


Ryan said...

I am jealous now! It looks like you guys are having a lot of fun. I like Karrissa's Titanic pose - I can imagine her thinking she was hilarious.

Gramps said...

Good old Seattle ferry and beautiful green hills. That brings back memories. I agree with Ryan, "I'm jealous". Sounds like you are having a great time. Good for ya'll.