Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Deception Pass - Whidbey Island - Mukilteo Ferry

This morning we headed up in the drizzling rain towards Anacortes - hoping the weather would improve. We drove over to the Deception Pass - and walked over the bridge. An impressive place to place a bridge - over the 'pass' where all the water on the land-side of Whidbey Island rushes in and out as the tide changes.

Then down to Cranberry Lake - that is right next to the ocean - and had a picnic lunch before playing with the girls in the water. The tide was out, the winds very low, and the rain went away. So it was fun watching the girls play. OK, fun with McKinley - Kylie wanted to do more than she was capable of. She really wishes she could walk - and we wish she could talk to share with the adults around what she wants.

Then when we asked McKinley if she wanted to come directly home (via the freeway) or the scenic route and over the Clinton-Mukilteo Ferry - of course she chose the 'Ferry Boat' option.

Then dinner with Jill's parents, and brother Scott, along with Ken and Cathy at a local cafe.

Yep - we're tired now.Joe & the Girls on Mukilteo Ferry

Karrissa and Kylie... not a happy girl

McKinley throwing rocks in the ocean

Kylie playing in the sand/rocks

Karrissa and girls and their 'rock castle'

Kylie loved being 'walked' around

Jill resting on the beach

McKinely loved playing in the water

Kylie also loved the water... but hated not getting all the way in

Jill taking Kylie for a 'walk'

Boat moving north under the Deception Pass bridge

McKinley and her Grandma!

Winwards at Deception Pass

Yep - she is a cute little girl!

Looking towards the Deception Pass bridge

At the 'pull-over' by the Deception Pass bridge


jenny said...

Fun! CUTE picture of jill and mckinley:)

Ryan said...

It's so green. Why do we not live there again?