Friday, August 14, 2009

Drive to Moses Lake - via Mt. Rainier

Rather than just take the 'normal' way over to Moses Lake - via I-90 - we instead went for the scenic route south around Mt. Rainier. I had to go to the Internet to get a picture of it - since it was shrouded in clouds the entire time!

We drove down through Puyallup, up South Hill where we used to live 30 years ago, and down to the south entrance of the Mt. Rainier park.
A couple of years ago Jill's nephew was married near this area and we had breakfast at a nice little place right outside the park entrance called Copper Creek Cafe. So we stopped there for a nice lunch before driving into the park. We saw lots of big big trees, ravines, wide river beds, and climbed thousands of feet as we drove up to 'Paradise' on the side of the mountain. All the while, not seeing even an outline of the mountain. About a thousand feet below Paradise we entered into the cloud bank - and from there up to Paradise it was just a 'white out'. Bummer.

We stopped a couple of places along the way to let the girls play and run around - and check out the Mt. Rainier environment.

We took the 'White Pass' road over toward Yakima - and along the way passed by Clear Lake (where we had an Uptain Family Reunion 15 years ago or so)

Coming from the lush verdant rain forest surrounding Mt. Rainier, down through an alpine forest, then out unto the desert around Yakima was quite an outstanding change in just 15 miles or so.

Then the drive from Yakima to Moses Lake - and arrived about 2-3 hours later than if we'd just driven straight here.

Today is going to be fishing for Joe and Grandpa Uptain and then out to the Uptain's house over on Potholes Reservoir.

McKinley's latest 'funny face'

McKinley's "Leap of Faith"

She has no fear - just jumps without hesitation

This is where the mountain should have been...

A 'box canyon' carved out of solid rock

OK, that's a big tree

Karrissa is on "Team Edward"

Winwards and a big tree

McKinley waiting to surprise her dad

The mountain we didn't get to see


Keith Parsons said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gramps said...

I glad you took the White Pass route around Mt Rainier. That is a pretty drive and impressive. Sorry you didn't get to see "The Mountain". McKinley's new look is hilarious.

Laura H said...

where's Ryan and Alysha? Getting ready for school?

Laura H said...

Great pictures, lots of fun in Washington!

Gram said...

Loved all the photos of your trip and yes, the new funny picture of McKinley is hilarious. Sorry the "mountain wasn't out" so you could show Joe. Be safe next week.

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