Friday, August 7, 2009

Three days in Dallas

I spent Monday-Wednesday in Dallas teaching at the Meridian Business Center just off of 635 in Farmer's Branch. The class was a small group of folks for an Advanced Wireless Design course. The class went well.

Since I got in 'trouble' from Jill last week for going to a movie without asking her... this week I went to a movie I *knew* she wouldn't want to see. In fact during the last movie with her, when this preview came up - well, let's just say I *knew* she wouldn't want to see it.

I went to see the 3D version of G-Force! (I really needed the 3D glasses for a lab experiment in my antenna section on polarization... yeah, right)

I enjoyed it completely, total escapism entertainment.
I also finally finished up the 17th episode of 'The Last Detective' a BBC show staring Peter Davison. The series follows Detective Constable "Dangerous" Davies who is seen as a joke by his colleagues but is committed to his work. As the series progress, his reputation improves with his colleagues and his estranged wife. The series is based on the Dangerous Davies series of novels written by Leslie Thomas. It has been enjoyable watching these on my iPhone on flights over the past couple of weeks. Kind of sad to be over.Just a slight weather delay on the flight home, and tomorrow starts a week-long vacation with Jill, Karrissa, Joe and the cute little grand-daughters to Seattle and Moses Lake.

Then straight from there to New Jersey for an AM-115 class the following week.

Off to have some fun with the g-kiddies! They will be driving in tonight!


Gramps said...

Thanks Keith for another interesting post and pictures. I'm glad you are able to enjoy a good movie and detective stories. We have plenty to watch that you have given us.

Gram said...

Don't you just hate it when a good series ends or a good book ends? I think about it for days. We'll have to go see GForce now that you enjoyed it.

Hope you have fun with those cute gdaughters in Seattle and Moses Lake. I hope they enjoy the Seattle Center like the kids did so many years ago.