Saturday, August 1, 2009

Week in Toronto

I spent this week at the Marriott hotel by the Toronto airport teaching an AirMagnet AM-115 course.
It was just a work week.

Each evening I watched another DVD from the '
War and Remembrance' series - after the start of World War II.

The first part of the week the hotel was full of Mary Kay cosmetics reps on their annual pilgrimage (sales conference) and the last two days had 300+ screaming young teens there for the national Field Hockey tournament.

The flight home was a bit of a travel adventure. The airplane that was supposed to take us to Cincinnati developed a mechanical problem of some kind - and we were late an hour leaving Toronto - and since there was only a 45 minute window to transfer to the Salt Lake City flight I was a bit worried about having to stay another night on the road in Cincinnati... but after running to the other gate - did make it to the SLC flight - then waited on the ground and extra hour for some passengers flying in from Europe.

Sorry that Jill and Rory had to wait an extra hour in the parking lot at the airport.

Alysha had her fun little 'girls trip' down to Vegas and stayed with Karrissa with her friends - shopping, swimming, and watching their TV shows together.
Next week is just 3-days in Dallas.


Gramps said...

Glad you had a good week in Toronto. I always look forward to reading about your trips. Sorry Jill had to wait with Rory. That couldn't of been fun.

Gram said...

Sorry you had another 'hairy' flight wondering if you were going to make the connection. Too bad Jill didn't know ahead of time so she didn't have to wait so long with Rory.

I would imagine Alysha had a fun time with friends in Las Vegas. Bet the little girls loved having them there.