Thursday, April 3, 2008

BYU -vs- CU Lacrosse

Jill and I flew over this afternoon to Denver... waiting 90+ minutes to get a rental car (such fun) and then drove up to Boulder to watch the BYU Lacrosse team play. We stopped at a store to buy a couple of blankets... good thing. It was cold after the sun went down.

Check out the clouds as the game started... pretty weird looking eh?
University of Colorado (Buffalos) were first to score and we got a bit worried... then our Offense showed up! Yea - it's been awhile but they came on strong.
Brent got some good playing time in as well.
The CU team had the ball down on our end for quite sometime during the game, but just couldn't convert. Yea Defense! So we ended with a pretty good final score. We had some cold Moms after the game.

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Gram said...

Good pics of the game. It looks as if Jill was colder than the week before in Grand Junction. I am so happy they won and that Brent got good playing time.