Sunday, April 27, 2008

Willamette Valley

Saturday Morning Jill woke me up to go with her on a walk along the Willamette River along a path by our hotel. Knowing me... I wasn't thrilled to wake up and walk... but Jill asked so I went along. Of course it was really fun and I ended up enjoying it. There were little plaques along the way describing the history of the local area (my favorite) - and then we happened upon a local Farmer's market as well. The vegtables were gorgeous and huge! Amazing since its still so early in the season.Then for a drive down the Willamette Valley to Eugene for the BYU -vs- OU Lacrosse game. (see previous post)Then another drive back up the valley all the way to the Portland Airport.No wonder all the people were so interested to get to the end of the Oregon Trail! This place is phenomenal! Such nice farmland - I was very impressed.Then a quick flight down to Las Vegas to spend Karrissa's Birthday with her. I made here pancakes for breakfast, and fried rice for dinner (Mom made her ice cream pie)

It was fun to have McKinley recognize us at the airport, then squeal this morning when she woke up and recognized me again! Jill got to spend all the the 2nd and 3rd hours with McKinley at the church nursery today too.

Tomorrow's the big day! - Karrissa gets induced in the morning. We should soon have another grand-daughter!


Gramps said...

Thanks for the new post. I tried the typing test and got 129 wpm. I was slow for accuracy. Missed 4 words. That was a fun test. Glad you had a great Oregon trip and enjoying McK. We stopped to see Ryan, Brent and Alysha last night, they were just finishing their special Ryan prepared meal. So Marsha was glad to see everyone.

Gram said...

The Willamette Valley is gorgeous. I have only seen the dry part of Oregon. Oh, we have driven the freeway to Oregon and then up to Puyallup, but haven't driven down the coast or inland to that green part. I am happy you enjoyed your walk with Jill. The flowers were gorgeous. That McKinley just gets cuter and cuter. She looks so grown up walking in to church. I am glad she loves her grandparents and now you have another little granddaughter to spoil - how fun!!